12 Days Until Christmas Surprises

12 Days Until Christmas Surprises

I wanted to offer a fun little countdown to Christmas where I will offer an item(s) or service each day starting today 12/13 through 12/25. Surprises will vary and can include rereleased items, samples, new products, cart passes, customs, freebies... etc. 

Surprises will be listed randomly, any time of the day and anywhere (Website, Instagram (posts or stories) or in the Little Espie & Friends FB Group.) 

This is meant to be fun and gives me a chance to offer different or exclusive items without the stress of a large drop. 

I cannot guarantee that surprises will be received before Christmas but I will ship surprises same day or next day if posted after 3pm. 

I will come back here and recap the surprises each day or sometimes give hints for the next day :) 

Day 1 (12/13/21): 12 Days Until Christmas

3 Gingerbread Pillows available at LittleEspie.com

Day 2 (12/14/21): 11 Days Until Christmas

Stockings available at LittleEspie.com

Day 3 (12/15/21): 10 Days Until Christmas

Meowmaid clips available at LittleEspie.com

Day 4 (12/16/21): 9 Days Until Christmas

Gingerbread Bundles available at LittleEspie.com

Day 5 (12/17/21): 8 Days Until Christmas

Free Holiday Mickey Tsum Tsum bow available on Instagram/LittleEspie (stories)

Day 6 (12/18/21): 7 Days Until Christmas

Free Valentine clip drawing available at Little Espie & Friends on FB - 5 winners

Day 7 (12/19/21): 6 Days Until Christmas

Figaro & Cleo clip drawing available at Little Espie & Friends on FB - 4 winners

Day 8 (12/20/21): 5 Days Until Christmas

Custom Clip or Bow Listing on LittleEspie.com

Day 9 (12/21/21): 4 Days Until Christmas

Fishy! (Nemo Clips) available at LittleEspie.com at random

Day 10 (12/22/21): 3 Days Until Christmas

Double Feature for the little ones :) Cocomelon clips and Elmo Bows available at LittleEspie.com

Day 11 (12/23/21): 2 Days Until Christmas


Day 12 (12/24/21): Christmas Eve!

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